Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SchoolBox - Making Education Possible

I was just driving home this afternoon when I heard an ad from a national mattress company talking about Cycle for SchoolBox. A man named Ilan Levy is riding 8000 km across Canada to raise money and awareness for SchoolBox, an organization building schools and providing school supplies to children across Central America. Cycle 4 SchoolBOX aims to raise over $100,000 in order to purchase 8000+ educational packages and build 8 classrooms across Nicaragua. How is it that I had never heard about this charity before???

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In my previous life before marriage and kids, I lived and taught in Mexico for two years. I taught at a private school where it seemed that children had everything. Needless to say I was a bit surprised upon arrival as this did not match my perception of a third-world country. I soon learned that these children were in the minority and I witnessed first hand the extreme contrast between the have and have-nots. I couldn't get over the difference in resources available to children in the same country and was always amazed at the number of school aged children I would see playing outside during school hours. While living there, my fellow teachers and I did some charity work in smaller villages where money was literally non-existant but the reality is that we may have brought some happiness for a day or two but I doubt there were any long-term effects.

I think my experience in Mexico is why this charity is striking such a chord with me. It is so easy to make a difference. By giving a child access to Education the impact can be limitless. I believe this is a perfect match for my company, one that creates products that I hope inspire kids to dream, be creative, colour and write. I am going to set up a campaign for COLOURS TO GO to raise money for I'll keep you posted as I work out the details. In the meantime, take a look at their site and see what a difference even a small donation can make!

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