Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Perfect Patriotic Canada Day Snack

What is red, white and salty and perfect for Canada Day?  RED & WHITE Potato Chips of course!

Today I found the perfect snack to share on Canada Day. It is made in Canada, requires no baking by me and was only $2.99. 

I was at Winners and as usual the checkout line was long.  I always browse the products they have on the shelves surrounding the line up and often find myself picking up a little something else to add to my purchase (their marketing geniuses are onto something) . Today was no different. 

Today I found RED & WHITE Potato Chips by the Covered Bridge Potato Chip Company out of New Brunswick. As it states on the packaging, they are made from "red and white flesh potatoes to honour Canada's heritage". How could I pass them up?

In fact, I bought a few packages.   I needed to open them and test them for this post, right?  Also, it isn't hospitable to limit any one's chip intake at a party so we had to have lots, right?  I'm supporting a Canadian business..., right?  Okay, I just tasted them. I actually think I need to go back and pick up another bag or two. Justification enough.

I'm sure they are available in other stores across the country.  If you see some, throw a package (or two) into your cart and save them for July 1st.   You'll be glad you did!


  1. Hooray! At last a blog on our Country's celebration! Thank you Susannah. The chips look so pretty. An easy and patriotic dessert would be Red and White Sundaes... just pile vanilla ice cream with sliced strawberries and bananas... the kids love them. ~ Happy Canada Day! ~ Susan S.

    1. I love the red and white sundae idea. You'll see next week that Canada Day really is one of the happiest days of the year in my family! Thanks for the comment! Happy Canada Day to you and your family! - Susannah (aka - Creative Mama)


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