Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Canada Day - With Glowing Hearts!

I love Canada Day. Not only is it a celebration of my country's birth but also a day of celebrating family.

We celebrate Canada Day at the family cottage in eastern Ontario.  My husband and his brother grew up spending their summers exploring this same shoreline, racing bike through the forest paths and of course toasting marshmallows, singing songs and telling ghost stories around a campfire.  I feel blessed that my kids are now getting the same opportunity to experience life outside of the city.

Many years, Canada Day marks the first time that our entire family is able to make it to the cottage together. While our family doesn't live particularly far apart, with work, school, sports and activities it seems that over the winter too many weeks can go by without us seeing each other.  Our family cottage is a place where we all love to spend time and make a point of visiting as much as we can each summer.  There is no t.v., no computer, and most of the time, no cell phone reception.  It truly is a place to gather and enjoy the ones we are with. 

Canada Day is the launch of our summer togetherness!  It is a day (long weekend) spent swimming, boating, tubing, water skiing (not me - loooong story), playing catch, kicking a soccer ball, chasing frogs, eating, drinking, toasting marshmallows and filling our bellies with strawberry shortcake, local corn, burgers, dogs and s'mores.  Of course, no Canada Day would be complete without "oohing" and "aahing" at the firework show my brother-in-law lovingly puts on for us each year.  It is a magical time.

Canada Day is always filled with the promise of what summer holds ahead and it never fails to produce wonderful memories that last throughout the year.  We are fortunate to live in such an amazing country and have such a special place to celebrate it together. 


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