Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Old T-shirt - New Life: Part 1

We seem to have a lot of super huge t-shirts hanging around our house, you know, the kind you get when you participate in a charity run or attend a function. 

When I was cleaning out our storage room the other day I came across this one. 

My son, the hockey nut, immediately wanted it. He's five and the shirt is a men's XL. How to work it out? Then I had an idea. 

He has a Toronto Maple Leaf's bear and likes to set up games between his stuffies. None of his other buddies have hockey jerseys though. Eureka, the plan was hatched and in less than an hour we had 2 more hockey playing stuffies.

It seems a shame to throw away these really good t-shirts. I'm going to see what other ones we have hanging around and see if we can't get him an entire team set of uniforms. As you can see, it was a HUGELY successful recycling project.

PS - The scraps I've cut up for rags so it is a win/win recycle project all around.

1 comment :

  1. The material is great but the sizing is way off as the small looks a like a large.

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