Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Children's Art Displays - Part 3: Creating an Art Book

In part 3 of our series we take a look at turning your child's artwork into a book. Imagine their pride seeing their own masterpieces displayed front and centre in a coffee table book.

Photo Book:

I remember a friend of mine telling me she took photos of each piece, printed them, and kept them in their own album. With photobooks going down in price so much over the last few years you could kick it up a notch and get your photos properly bound. Why not make a series, one for each year.

Image & Idea: Kaye Winiecki Designs

Image & Idea: Three Paper Peonies

I love how both Kaye Winiecki and Three Paper Peonies included photos of the artwork being created too. By taking digital photos of all their work, you get to keep them forever but they don't take up as much room. Also, this standardizes the size of each piece of art. We all remember how big that chart paper was from early painting years.


Another variation on this would be to turn them into a yearbook of sorts. Don't limit your book to purely artwork, include a few photos and even pieces of schoolwork that span the entire year. What an amazing way to keep track of their progress and celebrate achievements.

Image & Idea: Becky Higgins

The sample above is a traditional scrapbook but you could do a digital version just as easily.

Artwork ABCs:

This last idea is just so sweet and I wish I could take credit for it but I can't. Turn your child's art into your very own hardcover ABC book. Over at Modern Parents Messy Kids they used photographs but the same idea could be applied to artwork. 

The project of creating a piece of artwork for each letter of the alphabet will be fun in itself but I can almost guarantee the final product will become a bedtime favorite and a great family heirloom.

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