Monday, January 30, 2012

Mesmerized Mondays

Here is this week's installment of Mesmerized Mondays.


I thought this was so simple yet so brilliant. Use a clear plastic shoe holder as arts and craft storage.

Idea and Photo: Something To Do

I have the perfect closet door for this in the playroom. This is really a 'why didn't I think of that' idea!

Super Easy, Super Soothing DIY:

I am prone to migraines and with the swing in temperature this winter (tacked onto each of my kids getting sick and being up multiple times on consecutive nights) I am on the lookout for something that will be soothing for my head.

Photo & Idea: Lil Blue Boo

I love this Homeopathic Hot Pack from Lil Blue Boo. Starting off with a sock makes this project as simple as can be. As she said, even a 4 year old can make it. I love that I get to choose the essential oil that is used so I know it is one that works for me. 

Healthy Valentine:

What a fun, healthy and delicious way to start of Valentine's Day for your family. These 'love-kebabs' are simple to make and will take your breakfast to the next level.

Photo & Source: Unknown
I used a cookie cutter on the watermelon in my book-club fruit salad and it was easy, fast and a fun project for my 5 year old son. Why not get them involved and suprise your spouse. Heck, why not print this off, leave it around conspicuously and have your spouse and kids suprise you!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle:

What a simple idea that makes so much sense. Keep an old ketchup bottle on hand to fill with your favourite pancake batter. You can easily make designs, write words, etc. Even better, there are no drips!

Photo & Idea: Real Simple

I am going to do this on Valentine's to make heart shaped pancakes for my family to go along with the 'love-kebabs' above. Who am I kidding, I know I'm going to be the one cooking. I love recycling!

I Want It:

I love these handpainted metal cups. They are each hand painted by crafts people from Kashmir, providing employment for these skilled artisans in their own homes.

Product & Image: Grassroots Store

I think they are so pretty and want them out on display. Since my kids never put away their cups in the bathroom and I hate them drinking from the same cup (see note above about sick kids) these would be perfect. Can't wait to buy them and support an artisan in Kashmir! P.S. - they have gorgeous bowls too.

That is this week's Mesmerized Monday roundup. Until next week...


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