Monday, December 5, 2011

Right of Passage

Life is busy but it is always important to pause and take a moment to mark special achievements. For my daughter, it was the move from Sparks to Brownies.   

The new Brownies had to memorize their Brownie Promise and then one by one be lead to the reflective pond to state their promise for the audience. I could really feel her sense of accomplishment as she spoke loudly and clearly. I had heard her practicing it secretly in her bedroom for a few days before and she nailed it. 

The Brownies and Sparks were asked to bring in a treat to share after the ceremony. The leaders in Brownies are all named after an Owl. When I had saw this super cute Owl Smore Cookie on the Life with Depews blog and knew that was what we had to make. It couldn't have been easier. With a microwave and a few helpers it took all of 10 minutes (including clean-up) to make a batch of 24. While it would have been nice to wrap them all beautifully as you will see in the blog, it wasn't practical for our event. I don't think anyone minded. They were a huge hit!

It was a proud night for us all!

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