Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Eggs & Ham

To continue with our March Break Cooking Bonanza we decided to keep our Green Eggs & Ham dinner for St. Patrick's Day. Being about 1/16th Irish, this seemed a fitting time to try our hand at this culinary delight. I had ordered the Green Eggs & Ham Cookbook online but alas it still hasn't arrived so we had to wing it. 

For the kids I added green food colouring to the eggs before I scrambled them. I also mixed a little green food colouring into the butter before I spread it on their toast. And, last but not least, a little green food colouring on the ham. It all looked pretty scary to me but the kids LOVED it. With all that food colouring, this isn't an 'everyday' meal but it was a fun treat and activity with the kids.

Green Eggs & Ham (with Green toast and cucumber), a HIT! 

For the adults we went a little more gourmet. Instead of slapping food colouring on all our meals, I did a take on Huevos Rancheros. A tortilla topped with ham, fried eggs and a good dollop of salsa verde. Served with some avacado and spinich salad, it was Green Eggs & Ham but a little less scary looking (and as the kids pointed out, not as fun).

So, this ends our March Break Cooking Bonanza. It really was fun to do and the kids ate even better than they normally do because it was something they had worked on too. Lots of great memories!

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